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Daily Dose - NoSQLs Join Forces

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NoSQL backers Membase and CouchOne just announced that they are merging to create Couchbase, Inc.  Combining the caching and clustering technology of Membase, and the document database capabilities of CouchDB, the newly-minted Couchbase company will be releasing a new lineup of integrated products for data management.  Users of Couchbase products will be able to automatically perform their database synchronization cross-datacenter and mobile-to-cloud.  We could also see some technical cross-pollination between the two Apache-licensed databases.

Final Release of Hibernate 3.6.1
JBoss just released the final version of their incremental update for Hibernate 3.6.  Hibernate 3.6.1 will be better equipped to accommodate binary and large string SQL types.  Interaction with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server is significantly improved, and fixes were made to Hibernate's interaction with JPA 2.0.  

Flash Player 10.2 Released With New Patches and Power-Saving Features
The new Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux includes several new features, including such as increased power conservation through the Stage Video feature.  Users can only take advantage of high-quality, energy friendly video if developers modify the appropriate playback routines for their Flash movies. Flash Player 10.2 also closes 13 security holes. Mac users should be aware that they will need an Intel-based Mac to run the new Flash Player.

Bringing More Apps To Android: Release of Spring Android 1.0.0.M2
The next phase of the Spring Android project is available for download! Spring users who hope to adapt their code to Android’s mobile environment will benefit from the extended use of RestTemplate in native Android applications.  When released, the third milestone will integrate OAuth support for Android applications.   

Apache Aries OSGi Version 0.3 Released With Enhanced Proxy Generation Capabilities
Enterprise OSGi application programming models are much more accessible when users take advantage of the pluggable Java components provided by the Apache Aries Project.  New in Version 0.3 is the ability for users to generate proxies by both interfaces and classes.  Other new features include an application component that isolates OSGi apps from one another, enhancing runtime.  Blueprint spec namespace support has also been added.

The Five Tools I Can’t Develop Without
What's your five?  

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