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Daily Dose: Scala Moves From Subversion To Git Hub

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Daily Dose: Scala Moves From Subversion To Git Hub

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In an unsurprising maneuver that seems to echo the strategies of many other projects, Scala has moved their repository from Subversion to Github. Some interesting responses we found on Hacker News:

Managing open source projects is difficult, and I too hope the quality and sensibility of releases doesn't degrade.  But, Github might make the process more social, and easier to manage. More local patches could translate to more upstream patches. (via hendler)


I sure hope this doesn't mean a move away from release formalism. Github -- due in large part to complex social cues around encouraging public forking in a top-level namespace -- seems to encourage the assumption that developers will track git and add their own local patches, resulting in a significant decrease in upstream-interest in producing stable, formal, documented, tested, trustable releases and release builds. (via nupark2)

W3C Launches Community Groups

In an effort to assist Internet stakeholders and developers in defining Internet standards, the World Wide Web Consortium will launch developer "community groups" in late June/early July. Led by W3C fellow Harry Halpin, the community groups will provide W3C infrastructure and support to assemble standards that will become universal throughout the web. W3C is also assembling "business groups", which provides stakeholders with a means to create Web standards specific to their company's niche.


VMware Launches Middleware With vFabric5

VMware has announced a new suite of middleware services to be included with the Spring Framework for Java developers called vFabric5. The two products are designed to assist developers creating applications for the virtualized portion of the data center for cloud applications.

vFabric allows different virtual machines to adopt different capabilities and performance characteristics, and will be made available later this summer.

Click here for more on vFabric.

Apache Traffic Server Version 3 Announced

Version 3 of the Apache Traffic Server has been announced by the Apache Software Foundation. It's a fast, scalable, and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant proxy server made to improve caching, speed, extensibility, and reliability. According to ASF officials, version 3 is equipped to handle over 200,000 requests per second, which marks a 277 percent improvement over version 2.0.

Source code, documentation, and other resources can be found here.

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Scala: The Static Language that Feels Dynamic

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