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Daily Dose: Apache Releases Version 3.1.0 of Solr and Lucene

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Daily Dose: Apache Releases Version 3.1.0 of Solr and Lucene

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The newest release of Solr and Lucene are ready for action!  Project leaders have changed Solr's version number scheme to mirror Lucene's. Both the Solr 3.1.0 and Lucene 3.1.0 release have many new features.  Here are three Lucene 3.1.0 release highlights from Lucid's official release notes:

* ReusableAnalyzerBase makes it easier to reuse TokenStreams

* Improved Analysis capabilities: Improved Unicode support, including
 Unicode 4, more friendly term handling (CharTermAttribute), easier
 object reuse and better support for protected words in lossy token
 filters (e.g. stemmers).

* ConstantScoreQuery now allows directly wrapping a Query.

And three highlights from the Solr 3.1.0 release…

* JSON document indexing

* Numeric range facets (similar to date faceting).

* New spatial search, including spatial filtering, boosting and sorting capabilities.

You can download the new releases here.

jQuery 1.5.2 Ready to Go

The second major revision of jQuery 1.5, jQuery 1.5.2 includes corrections for several major bugs.  Key fixes include incorrect .css(marginRight) in Webkit.  Also, replaceWith no longer throws errors on non existent elements.

Google +1: Making Web Search Social

With the Google +1 search feature, Google has taken search into the social realm. Much like Facebook's "like" option, Google +1 allows users to add their stamp of approval on sites that appear in their search.  Google assumes that people are bound to "like" the same types of sites as their friends.  +1 lets you see which sites your friends have voted up.  Another, more questionable, application of the Google +1 feature is its potential to improve Google's ad targeting endeavors.  In the future, Google hopes to integrate Google +1 with its apps.

OpenNebula 2.2 Open Source Cloud Software

OpenNebula 2.2, code named Cat's Eye, has been released.  This new version of OpenNebula has an improved user interface and several new features.  A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided by Sunstone. Users can use the GUI to manage Infrastructure As A Service within the browser.  An overall fault tolerance increase has been achieved in OpenNebula. Should a server fail, the system is automatically rebuilt on another server.  Monitoring large server farms is easier with the Ganglia monitoring system.

The Worst Codebase I've Seen In My Life

The joys and pain of working with legacy code.  Thanks to  Ioannis Cherouvim for the link.

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