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Daily Dose: Apple Announces iOS 5 At WWDC

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Daily Dose: Apple Announces iOS 5 At WWDC

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The week begins with big news out of the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, where Apple made three major announcements.

- The iCloud will provide up to 5GB of free storage for apps, documents, music, books, videos, contacts and calendars. It will be ready for public use this fall. 
Click here to learn more.

- Apple also discussed iOS 5, which will introduce over 200 new features, including Wi-fi sync to iTunes, a new iMessage client (that allows iOS users to share text, photos, contacts and videos), and beefed up Twitter integration that appears within many of Apple's own apps- you'll be able to Tweet from Safari, YouTube, and Maps.

For more information on the new features, click here.

- Apple also announced the Mac OS Lion, which will be available in July on the Mac App Store ONLY for $29.99. Click here to read up on the 250 new features that will be part of the package, including over 3000 new APIs that developers can integrate into their applications.

Click here to get notified of the iOS developer preview when it becomes available.

Informatica Jumps On The Hadoop Bandwagon


 Informatica is following in the footsteps of vendors that support Hadoop, the open source framework for  "big data"  processing. The 9.1 version of Informatica's platform has a connection to the Hadoop file system, which enables customers to transport data in and out of Hadoop clusters.

Informatica 9.1 will provide compatibility for analytic-focused data platforms (like Teradata & Netezza), pull data from social media sites, while maintaining connections to transactional databases like IBM DB2 and Oracle.

The Webian Shell: Mozilla's Answer To Chrome OS



Mozilla introduced a desktop replacement concept called Webian Shell, which is a full screen web browser for devices that don't require a desktop.

Watch this video for a quick introduction.


Download the prototype of Webian Shell here.

 "Lucy" , Lucene's Little Sister, releases incubator version

Apache Lucy is a full-text search engine library written in C, focused towards dynamic languages. It's a "loose C" port of the Java search library Apache Lucene.

Lucy was formerly developed as a subproject of Lucene, then proposed as a candidate for the Apache Incubator in July 2010. According to developers, Lucy's main advantage is centered around the the starting time of the engine as opposed to search performance, which is comparable to Lucene.

You can look at Lucy's incubation status here.

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Why I choose Java

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