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Daily Dose: Apple Ditches mySQL For PostgreSQL On OS X Lion Server

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Daily Dose: Apple Ditches mySQL For PostgreSQL On OS X Lion Server

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In case you haven't noticed, PostgreSQL has replaced MySQL on the latest version of the Mac OS X Server. While Mac's Snow Leopard OS Server provided access to mySQL from the GUI and command line, there's no trace of it in the Lion Server.

There's no official explanation for this, but there's plenty of speculation. Is Apple leaving the server market? Is this an Oracle-related issue (mySQL is affiliated with Oracle)? An aversion to GPL-licensed products? What do you think? Let the rumors fly!

Amazon Appstore's Shady Back Door Dealings

This morning, mobile developer Shifty Jelly provided a cautionary tale for developers hawking their wares on Amazon's Appstore. In post called ‘Amazon App Store: Rotten to the Core’, we hear how Amazon came to Shifty Jelly with a deal related to the much-coveted "Free App Of Day" promotion.

Details of the promo, according to Shifty Jelly:

Publicly their terms say that they pay developers 20% of the asking price of an app, even when they give it away free. To both consumers and naive developers alike, this seems like a big chance to make something rare in the Android world: real money. But here’s the dirty secret Amazon don’t want you to know, they don’t pay developers a single cent. Before being featured by Amazon, you get an email like this one:

"We would like to include your app “[name removed]” in our Free App of the Day calendar. We have seen tremendous results from this promotion spot and believe it will bring you a great deal of positive reviews and traffic. It is an opportunity to build your brand especially in association with a brand like Amazon’s. The current price of this placement is at 0% rev share for that one day you are placed."

Shifty Jelly agreed to Amazon's terms. Although 100,000-plus apps were downloaded, the creators earned a whopping 0 dollars. Although the app has been seen by many people, Shifty Jelly's bottom line has suffered as a result. The flood of new users has required more servers to accommodate them, and support requests have skyrocketed.

Read Shifty Jelly's blog post here.  

Relax, Browser Usage Has Nothing To Do With Your IQ

A widely publicized report called "Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage", which connected browser use and IQ, was revealed to be a hoax today. An anonymous blog post on the AptiQuant site (the fake company that posted the report), made it clear the study was a ruse.

"This was all meant to be a lighthearted joke. We did not mean to insult anyone, but if we have hurt anybody’s feelings, we apologize for that. But what’s really funny is that everybody took the report so seriously, with comments like “Oh did we need such a study, we already knew that.”

The report singled out Internet Explorer users as having lower IQs than those who run other browsers (an ridiculous assumption to begin with!). The hoax was uncovered after research revealed parts of AptiQuant's site were pilfered from the website of "Central Test", a French test development firm .'.

Click here to see the Aptiquant hoax admission.


Chrome 13 Released With "Instant Pages" Technology

Google has announced the latest version of their Chrome browser, which features support for Google's "Instant Pages" technology, which predicts, downloads and pre-renders the links a user is most likely to click, resulting in a faster page loading time.

Download Chrome here.
Existing users can update here.

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