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Daily Dose: Big Data, Big Competition: LexisNexis To Release Hadoop Competitor

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Daily Dose: Big Data, Big Competition: LexisNexis To Release Hadoop Competitor

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LexisNexis is set to launch open source data processing tools that supposedly outdo Hadoop, the current darling of the Big Data world. The new product line is called HPCC Systems, and was constructed a decade ago by the LexisNexis Risk Solutions division, who handle voluminous amounts of data for their own financial services and intelligence clients.

What makes it better? HPCC utilizes ECL, a declarative, data-focused language that completes tasks using far less code than Hadoop's MapReduce language does. Also, HPCC is written in C++, which supposedly makes it run faster than Java-based Hadoop. HPCC has found some success thus far, through handling LexisNexis' RiskSolutions customers. Enterprise licenses, proprietary applications and paying customers are coming next- so we'll have to wait and see if Hadoop is the only 700-pound elephant in the Big Data room.

Twitter Creates YouTube Channel For API Developers 

Twitter, in an attempt to build more interest in API development, created a channel for their API developer network on YouTube. At the moment, the content consists of a series of talks from the recent Devnest event, but more videos are to follow, according to Jason Costa, Twitter's Developer Relations Manager.

Here's The Guardian's Devnest presentation from the Twitter API Developer channel:

Microsoft Releases Kinect For Windows SDK Beta

Microsoft released a beta version of Kinect for Windows SDK for non-commercial use, which will enable developers who work with C++, C# or Visual Basic to build Kinect apps in Microsoft Visual Studio. The beta contains drivers, and rich API's for raw sensor streams and human motion tracking- which will simplify the process of creating gesture-driven applications.

Click here to read more about the SDK's features.
Click here to download the SDK.

CSS Lint, A Syntax Checking Tool, Is Released

CSS Lint, a syntax checking tool for CSS stylesheets, is now available online. The customizable open source tool checks the CSS you're working on, and adds rules to the code in order to spot patterns that may be hindering the coder's productivity. Click here to see the full set of rules that CSS Lint generates.  

The CSS Lint developer team are encouraging users to contribute new rules to the tool as well. The source code can be found here.





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