Daily Dose: Chrome 14 Beta Integrates Native Client Support

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Daily Dose: Chrome 14 Beta Integrates Native Client Support

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One of the most promising features coming in Chrome 14 is the addition of the Native Client, which lets C and C++ code run inside of the browser. Google has taken preliminary measures to make sure specific calls are not allowed to prevent malicious programs from running. Developers can use the Native Client SDK to use C and C++ libraries for graphics and audio in hopes of porting rich desktop applications into web applications.

C++0x Unanimously Approved

The latest standard in the works for C++, "C++0x", was unanimously approved on Friday in Geneva. For the first time in over 10 years, C++ will be updated with new features. The final ballot closed on Wednesday, with unanimous approval, though it will still take several months for it to be published. Once it is published, C++0x will officially be C++11. Catch up with C++0x with this features slideshow.

Open Invention Network adds Cisco and Twitter

The Open Invention Network, a group created in 2005 that controls Linux patents, added thirty five new lisencees including Twitter, Cisco, Fujitsu, and CentOS. These companies now have royalty-free access to the OIN's patents "as long as they agree not to assert any of their own patents against waht the OIN define as the Linux System." The group was created by IBM, Novell, NEC, Phillips, Red Hat, and Sony to protect against patent agression over open-source Linux patents.

Firefox to Block Third Party Programs Automatically

A new Firefox feature was announced on Friday: the popular browser will start blocking add-ons from third party programs until users decide whether to keep or remove them.  The feature is aimed to increase security and control over add-ons, as Justin Scott from Mozilla explains:

 "Third-party applications frequently install bundled add-ons into Firefox as part of their own installation process," Scott wrote. "While some of these applications seek the user’s permission beforehand, others install add-ons into Firefox without checking to make sure the user actually wants them."

The new feature, which arrives in the Firefox Aurora beta next week, will present users with adialog box when a previously installed add-on runs, giving the user increased control over what the browser is running.

Creating an Unbelievable HTML5 Canvas App for Online Image Enhancements

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