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Daily Dose: Cloud Foundry Adds Scala Support

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Only a few days ago, platform-as-a-service provider Heroku added Node.js support to their service. Cloud Foundry continues this trend of expanding its language support by adding Scala and Lift framework support to its PaaS, in addition to its existing Spring, Grails, Rails, Sinatra, and Node.js support. The official blog post at Cloud Foundry details the announcement, and provides an introduction to Scala and how to use it with their service. 

iOS Grows to over 400,000 Applications in AppStore

Apple's Appstore launched three years ago with only 500 applications with support for iOS. Now, the AppStore has grown by 80,000% with over 400,000 applications available for download on Apple's iOS devices. More news on the milestone will likely be available today at Apple's WWDC presentation.


Most Popular Version of Android is 2.2

Google's popular mobile operating system, Android, is currently up to version 3.1, but that doesn't mean that it is the most popular release. Over the two weeks leading up to June 1, 2011, Google collected data to see the version distribution across Android devices. According to the results, Android 2.2 is still the most popular version, taking up 64.6% of the market share. The most recent release of Android, version 3.1 "Honeycomb", only holds 0.3% of the market, likely due to only currently being released on a handful of tablets.

GitHub is most popular forge

On June 2nd, tech analyst Stephen O'Grady gave a presentation comparing four of the most popular code forges, including: Sourceforge Google Code, GitHub, and Codeplex. According to the data, GitHub dominates the other three in commits by forge, even though it is the youngest of all the forges. More information on the presentation and the data can be found at the github blog.


10 Handy jQuery Slideshow Plugins

 Thank you to user tayyabzzz for today top link: a compilation of 10 useful jQuery plugins for slideshows!


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