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Daily Dose: Debian Helps Developers Protect Themselves From Patent Trolls

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The Debian Project has released a FAQ on patents and patent policy to help members of the Debian community, as well as other open source or free software communities in managing the somewhat confusing universe of patents. The FAQ was created by lawyers at the Software Freedom Law Center, and examines the current state of US patent law, where many important patent cases have been heard.

Twitter Creates New Portal For Booming Dev Community

Twitter announced in a blog post today that they have reached one million registered Twitter apps, a healthy jump from this time last year, when they had only 150,000 apps registered. The Twitter developer ecosystem has grown considerably in the last 12 months, supported by over 500 million dollars in investor money, and more than a billion dollars in acquisitions.

Twitter also launched a new version of their Developer Site today, which hopes to provide deeper support for the burgeoning ecosystem. Powered by Drupal, the new portal contains a developer blog, improved app management, enhanced search, and a discussion area that hopes to provide deeper functionality for users.

Click here to learn more.

Cloudbees Teams With Eclipse Foundation, Launches Toolkit Plug-In

Cloudbees, the Java-focused PaaS company, announced over the weekend that it has joined with the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member. Also, the CloudBees Eclipse toolkit plug-in was announced, which will provide Java developers with a more integrated process for development and deployment of cloud applications.

The toolkit allows developers to:

· Use CloudBees SVN and Git source repositories for an integrated develop-to-deploy environment
· Create and connect to Jenkins jobs on CloudBees’ DEV@cloud service and on on-premise Jenkins
· Monitor these jobs as they execute, and respond quickly to results
· With one click, incrementally deploy applications to CloudBees’ secure RUN@cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) for shared user testing, staging or production release

Click here for more information.

Microsoft Research + Systems Groups = Barrelfish OS

Microsoft Research, in collaboration with the Systems Groups @ETH Zurich, released the newest version of Barrelfish, an experimental research operating system that has been created to function on systems with heterogeneous CPUs.                                                                             

Click here to learn more about Barrelfish.
Barrelfish's source code can be found here, in its own Mercurial repository.

Link Of The Day

Python VS PHP

Ah, the old programming language debate, much akin to comparing religions or political parties....


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