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Daily Dose: Cloudera And Dell Set To Deliver "Complete" Hadoop Solution

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Daily Dose: Cloudera And Dell Set To Deliver "Complete" Hadoop Solution

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Cloudera and Dell have partnered to deliver the industry's first total Apache Hadoop solution, which will combine Dell servers and networking components with Cloudera's Distribution, including Apache Hadoop, management tools, training and support. Customers will be able to deploy, manage, and scale a comprehensive Apache Hadoop based stack from a single source. This solution is targeted towards enterprises looking to process massive application datasets, such as energy, utility, and telecom companies, media groups, and other large businesses. Dell will make this product available within the next month.

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Twitter To Open Source "Hadoop Of Real-Time Processing"

Twitter, a month after acquiring social media analytics company BackType, will open source data stream processing tool "Storm" at the Strange Loop conference in September. The Hadoop-esque tool can be used for real-time data processing, continuous computing, and distributed RPC, which gives you the power to parallelize an intense query so it can be computed in realtime.

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Amazon Announces "Direct Connect" For Enterprise Cloud Users

Amazon Web Services set its sights on enterprise users with its "Direct Connect" feature, meant to simplify the process of establishing private connectivity between AWS and enterprise datacenters, which can increase bandwidth, lower network costs, and provide a more consistent network experience than standard Internet-based connections.

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EhCache 2.5 releases beta version

Terracotta has released the beta version on EhCache 2.5, which features enhanced cache resource management- with the specific capability to set the maximum size in bytes of a Cache or CacheManager. 

Other features, courtesy of the Ehcache Blog

    •     Ease of use. Tuning cache sizes is now as simple as setting the maximum number of bytes. No more setting maximum entry counts and juggling eviction parameters to approximate the maximum amount of system memory your cache can use.

    •     Greater efficiency. Ehcache now efficiently manages caches based on their memory footprint and can dynamically balance their resource use based on runtime size information.

Click here to be a part of the Ehcache 2.5 beta program.

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