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Daily Dose: Couchbase Gets Comfortable With New Couchbase Server

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Daily Dose: Couchbase Gets Comfortable With New Couchbase Server

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The newly-minted Couchbase has released their first major product, the Couchbase Server.  At this time, the Couchbase Server doesn't have Membase's scalability.  Essentially, the Couchbase Server is a clean build of the Apache CouchDB.  Future releases of the server will include Membase's contribution to flexibility and scalability.   

Release of SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0

The new SpringSource Tool Suite 2.6.0 is available for download on the SpringSource site.  Release highlights include a Roo Plugin Manager, a Content Assist feature, Quick Fixes and Refactorings for @Autowired, @Qualifier, and @RequestMapping.  A new graphical editor for Spring Web Flow has also been added.  Other new features improve upon the performance for Groovy+Grails tooling.

.NET Meets Apple Thanks to MonoMac

A program connecting .NET bindings for Mac OSX APIs, MonoMac 1.0, has been released for download.  Now, programs written in C# will look and feel like Mac programs.  Fully integrated with the MonoDevelop program, MonoMac 1.0 can be installed from the MonoDevelop development environment.  Samples of projects for MonoDevelop showcasing the use of MonoMac can be see here.  A copy of the program can also be downloaded here.

A Groovy New Release

Groovy 1.7.10 and 1.8 RC3 have been released simultaneously by the Groovy development team.  A delay during the initial release of the earlier version of Groovy resulted in a less-complete product.  The 1.7.10 release is meant to compensate for oversights in the previous release.  Groovy 1.8 RC3 attempts to address a synchronization issue that effects users relying on ExpandoMetaClasses. 

Google makes web pages faster with a simple tweek 

A small change to the JavaScript can make a big difference. Thanks Mike Jame for the link.

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