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Daily Dose: Couchbase Unveils New NoSQL Lineup for Mac OS X Developers

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Daily Dose: Couchbase Unveils New NoSQL Lineup for Mac OS X Developers

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Developers using Mac OS X now have more options.  Couchbase is launching a new version of their Membase Server, and an upgraded version of their Couchbase Server. Both are designed for developers using Mac OS X.  Web application developers in particular will appreciate the way the key-value database (Membase Server) and document database (Couchbase Server) streamline the demands of high-volume web applications.  Several production platforms are supported by the Membase Server, including Windows, Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux.

Open Source .NET ORM Dapper

SQL object relational mapper (ORM), Dapper, is now open source!  This new turn of events was Tweeted by hacker for Stack Overflow, Sam Saffron.  Dapper was originally created by Stack Overflow to handle the load generated by Google's web-spidering process.  The Dapper download is available on Google Code.

IcedTea 1.10.1 Release

The IcedTea project has announced a minor release, IcedTea 1.10.1. Here are a few highlights from the release announcement: 

  • HotSpot 20 updated to b11.
  • Fixes  G356743: Support libpng 1.5.
  • Backports  S7023591, S7027667: Clipped antialiased rectangles are filled, not drawn.  Add   missing privileged block around access to the sun.awt.nativedebug property.
        S7032388, PR682: Make HotSpot work on machines without cmov instruction again
        S7031385, PR680: Incorrect register allocation in orderAccess_linux_x86.inline.hpp


PyGTK 2.24 Ends PyGTK Project

The release of PyGTK 2.24 marks the end of the PyGTK Project.  Lead Developer John Stowers blogged about the end of the PyGTK era:

I just released PyGTK 2.24, which will almost certainly be the last major PyGTK release. The future of Python on the GNOME platform is PyGObject + GObject Introspection. From my experience over the last few months porting a number of my projects, the future is bright.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Python on GNOME.

Guardian.co.uk Switching from Java to Scala

The second most read online publication is switching to Java starting with the content API. 

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