Daily Dose: Enterprise Portals Extend to Cloud With eXo Cloud IDE and eXo Platform 3.5

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Daily Dose: Enterprise Portals Extend to Cloud With eXo Cloud IDE and eXo Platform 3.5

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eXo Platform, a company that develops Java portals, has released eXo Platform 3.5 and eXo Cloud IDE in an attempt to bring a cloud environment to enterprise gadgets, portals and mashups.  eXo Platform 3.5 is the first multi-tenant user experience platform. The new platform will also feature an improved web IDE.  Integrated with the platform is the new eXo Cloud IDE, a hosted development environment.  "Social coding" allows gadgets to be deployed directly to a PaaS. A beta version of the new Cloud IDE can be downloaded here.

No More Gears for Chrome

Google will no longer be supporting or improving upon its open-source Gears project.  Started in 2007, the Gears plugin was designed to enable Web applications to work offline.  Very few developers were interested in working on the Gears project.  Finally, Google decided to incorporate the principals of the Gears project into web standards. Google's change in trajectory is indicative of a general shift toward an HTML5 compliant browser.

Flash Player Flaw Has Vulnerability Through Excel

Adobe Systems has been battling a major system vulnerability that causes a user's computer to crash.  Under the right (or wrong) circumstances, the vulnerability could allow an infected system to be exploited through Microsoft Excel or other infected Flash files. Reader and Acrobat are currently unaffected. The vulnerability is slated to be fixed by the middle of next week.

New XML Standard Announced by W3C

The World Wide Web Consortium officially declared their support for a new XML standard.  Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) is now an official component of the new web standards. Users can make use of the EXI to create a more compact representation of XML data.  The new standard promises to improve performance, network efficiency, and power consumption of application by 100 times.

Securing an Ubuntu Server

How to keep your Ubuntu Server from becomming easy pickings for nefarious online entities.  Thanks Joseph Randolph!


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