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Daily Dose: Firefox 4 Almost Here!

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Daily Dose: Firefox 4 Almost Here!

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Mozilla has released their RC version of Firefox 4 as Microsoft is releasing the finished version of IE9. New CSS3 features are supported, like Transitions and Transformations, making it easy to add animations to web pages.  Firefox 4 has a faster startup time thanks to the the XPCOM module. Support is provided for HTML5 audio, video, drag/drop, and file handling. Users can download the new Firefox 4 here.

New Couchbase Server Announced

Couchbase has introduced a new server. Powered by Apache CouchDB, the Couchbase Server has a powerful open-source document database technology at its disposal. With the addition of geospatial indexing, a host of new location-aware applications become possible. Mobile synchronization allows applications to keep copies of data within the mobile device.  Applications that take advantage of the mobile synchronization technology will be more reliable.

Oracle Releases Java Mobile Client and Framework

After two years of work, Oracle has released a new mobile c lient/framework. This new framework will allow applications to be deployed across mobile platforms. Included in the client bundle is a browser, a small database used for storing local data, and a Java runtime engine.  By default, the client is designed to work with Oracle Fusion framework. It can, however, be customized to work with other Web services.

Flash Player 10.2 Soon Available For Android Tablets

On March 18th, Flash Player 10.2 will be available for Google Android mobile devices. Currently, Flash Player 10.2 will only work on desktop units. Initially, support will be offered for tablets running Android 3.0 Honeycomb (Motorola Xoom, etc.).  Hardware accelerated video presentation for the H.246 video codec will come standard.  Enhanced soft keyboard support will improve Flash Player's interactions with touchscreen devices.  All of the new features only work on devices with Android 3.0.1 or higher.

Google Chrome 10: Top 5 Reasons to Download It Now

Five reasons to love Google Chrome.  Thanks Tony Thomas for the link!



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