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Daily Dose: Google Bids a Cool $900 Mill On Nortel Patents

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Daily Dose: Google Bids a Cool $900 Mill On Nortel Patents

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Hedging their defenses against litigious competitors, Google is poised to spend $900,000,000 on a collection of Nortel patents.  Nortel has selected Google's bid as a starting point for interested bidders.  The nearly six thousand patents cover a variety of technologies including wireless infrastructure, internet advertising, voice communications and wireless 4G.  In a post on Google's official blog, Senior Vice President and General Counsel Kent Walker confirmed Google's commitment to ending patent litigation.  Here's what he had to say:

As things stand today, one of a company’s best defenses against this kind of litigation is (ironically) to have a formidable patent portfolio, as this helps maintain your freedom to develop new products and services.

Portable C Complier Finally Reaches Version 1

Thirty years ago, the Portable C Compiler (pcc) development team created one of the first compilers for C.  During the 1980's, most compilers were based on the original Portable C Compiler model.  Even though the original pcc was popular, version 1 of the compiler was never reached.   Instead developers chose to go with the GNU C Compiler, or gcc.  Today's developers prefer the relaxed regulations surrounding the pcc-based BSD license (as opposed to the more restrictive, gcc-dependent GPL license). The introduction of a new Portable C Compiler makes using the language more relaxed regulation feasible.

Mozilla Messaging Meets Mozilla Labs

After three years with little market success, Mozilla is rethinking the future of Mozilla Messaging.  The Mozilla Messaging program is being merged with Mozilla Labs, and incubator within Mozilla.  Don't worry. Thunderbird won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  That said, only time will tell if the current Thunderbird concept will be re-imagined in the future.

Gorilla Logic Releases New FoneMonkey 5 for iPhone/iPad

FoneMonkey 5 is ready for download! An open-source testing tool, FoneMonkey records and replays user actions while they interact with iPhone and iPad apps.  Version 5 offers several new features that include the following:

  • A more comprehensive script recording and playback. In other words, more user interactions are recorded including taps, keyboard input, dragging and scrolling, etc.
  • Useable on both iPhone and iPad platforms.
  • Automated test playbacks come standard.  

Saturation in Web Design

Here's an interesting take on the saturation effect in today's web design industry. Thanks for the link Simona Stinga.

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