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Daily Dose: Google Launches Chrome 11 Beta

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Daily Dose: Google Launches Chrome 11 Beta

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Not to be ignored in the excitement surrounding the final release of IE9 and Firefox 4, Google has released a beta version of Chrome 11. One of the most exciting new features is text to speech.  Using an HTML 5 speech input API, the Chrome 11 beta gives websites the opportunity to allow their visitors to add text to their site by speaking.  Overall performance enhancements also take center stage with the addition of GPU-accelerated 3D CSS. Download the beta here.

Approval For Java EE 7 Specification

With a unanimous vote, Java Enterprise Edition 7 specifications have been officially approved!  The submitted specifications from Oracle focused heavily on improvements to cloud computing applications.  Only IBM bothered to comment on their "yes" vote, warning that JEE 7 should remain "grounded on existing  IT and SOA standards and customer case issues."

Turmeric 1.0.0 Beta RC 1 Ready for Download

The beta version of Tumeric 1.0.0, an open source Java-based SOA from eBay, is available for download.  New to this release is support for RESTful resource identifiers and several bug fixes for supported Eclipse Plugins.  A more enhanced version has been included of both the Monitoring Console and Policy Administration application.

New Apps On Mac Thanks to Chameleon Project

Thanks to the Chameleon project developers at Iconfactory, applications written for iOS can now be successfully complied and run on Mac OS X.  Mac developers generally use UIKit, a framework providing a designated graphical interface for iOS systems.  Developers who wanted their apps to run on OS X would be compelled to write their own code. 60% of UIKit's functionality has been achieved so far with Chameleon, meaning that most apps will run properly on OS X with very little change being made to their structure.

Change Between Scala 2.8 and Scala 2.9

A rundown of all the important differences between Scala 2.8 and Scala 2.9.

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