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Daily Dose: Hibernate Search 3.4 Upgrades to Lucene 3.1

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Hibernate 3.4 has several notable new features, including an upgrade to the new Lucene 3.1.  The focus of this release was improved faceting.  By dividing the results of each query into multiple categories, determining the number of matching elements with the faceting feature, and selecting a category(ies), you can optimize your overall search performance.  For those who are familiar with Amazon's search architecture: the Hibernate Search 3.4 team draws parallels between the API-implemented Amazon query faceting, and the new hibernate faceting feature.

Fedora 15 Comes With GNOME 3

The first beta of Fedora 15 is available for download. This is first and only beta of Fedora 15, which will also be the first Linux distribution to include GNOME 3. (GNOME 2 will not be included.) A release candidate should be available on or around May 10, 2011. 

YouTube Videos Fully Supports WebM

In an announcement on April 19th, 2011, YouTube confirmed that it will save all videos uploaded onto the site in the open WebM format. Fully 30% of YouTube's archives are being converted.  The new WebM format is the brainchild of several different companies.  Adopting the new WebM standard will eliminate the royalty fees and compatibility issues presented by H.264, says Google.  Firefox, Opera and Android's Gingerbread also offer support for WebM.

Cloud Sync and More For Windows 8?

A new Windows 8 leak has a few surprises for Windows users. 

Screenshots leaked on Windows8Italia.com seem to imply that a cloud sync feature will be included with Windows 8.  Presumably, users would be able to sync files on their PC's with a cloud-based file storage service.  Potentially, the new Windows 8 will sync with Windows Live accounts.

Yet another leaked feature, Hybrid Boot, would allow users to reduce your reboot time after shutting down their PC.  This would be accomplished by putting the PC into a type of hibernation mode on shutdown.

Finally, sources at Windows 8 Center suggest that Windows 8 would be portable.  Users could simply load the OS onto a USB drive and transfer it.

Most of the leaks thus far have been from the Milestone 1 build of Windows 8 that was released to Microsoft partners in late 2010.

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