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Daily Dose: Spring Jumps Into M2 of Version 3.1.0

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Daily Dose: Spring Jumps Into M2 of Version 3.1.0

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 Spring, the open source application framework, reached its "second and final milestone", and version 3.1 is now available. The new features include:

  • Code equivalents for Spring's XML namespaces
  • Builder-style APIs for code-based Hibernate configuration
  • TestContext framework support for @Configuration classes and bean definition profiles
  •  Support for injection against non-standard JavaBeans sette
  •  Support for Servlet 3 code-based configuration of Servlet container
  •  Support for Servlet 3 MultipartResolver
  •  JPA EntityManagerFactory bootstrapping without persistence.xml
  •  New HandlerMethod-based Support Classes For Annotated Controller Processing
  •  Consumes and Produces @RequestMapping Conditions
  •  Working With URI Template Variables In Controller Methods
  •  Validation For @RequestBody Method Arguments

The full list of features can be found in the release's reference documentation.

iCloud Not Compatible with Windows XP

On Monday, Apple revealed their new cloud service "iCloud" at their Worldwide Developers Conference. While the new service sounds great, a small detail was passed over: iCloud will not support Windows XP. This news is surprising, as Windows XP is still the world's most popular operating system. According to the press release:

 Using iCloud with a PC requires Windows Vista or Windows  7


 So, is iCloud worth upgrading to Windows Vista or 7, or should you pass on iCloud? More information on iCloud can be found in the press release from Apple on Monday.

World IPv6 Day Spreads Awareness 

Whether the world knows it or not, yesterday was "IPv6 Day", a day dedicated to promoting the use of the protocol. Well-known internet and technology companies Google, Facebook, and Microsoft all participated by joining in the "largest-scale production test of the next generation Internet Protocol to date." According to Donn Lee, Facebook's senior network engineer, "Facebook saw over 1 million users reach us over IPv6", and Google saw a 65% increase in IPv6 traffic.

Microsoft Loses in $290 Million Patent Case

Four years ago, Canadian software company i4i filed a patent lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming they used i4i's custom XML technology in their Word software. In 2009, a federal judge ordered Microsoft to pay $290 million to i4i for the infringement, and the case proceeded all the way to the supreme court. Today, the final verdict went in i4i's favor, a surprising judgement for the small company. Do you think i4i deserves the settlement, or was the judgement out of line?



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