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Daily Dose: Infamous Java Floating Point Bug Finally Fixed!

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Daily Dose: Infamous Java Floating Point Bug Finally Fixed!

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Users of Java SE and Java for Business can now code in a  less error-prone environment. Update 24 for Java 6 spells the end of the floating point bug reported on numerous Java forums .  For those who missed the party, here's how the bug takes shape: an endless loop forms in the CPU when converting the number 2.22507385072012e-308 into a floating point number.  The update is available for download here.

Google Scrutinizes Oracle's Android Claims

Four of Oracle's seven Android-related patents are slated for review by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week after Google insisted that they re-examine them.  Open Source veteran and intellectual property expert, Florian Meuller, asserts that Google cannot properly protect Android from potential lawsuits.  He bases these assertions simply on the fact that Google carries fewer defensive patents than its competitors, opening itself up to lawsuits.  If Google can successfully challenge four of the seven contested patents, they will likely proceed to challenge the remaining three.

Final Release! Akka 1.0 Is Ready For Download.

Akka, an open source platform that lets you build Actor-driven, scalable applications, has reached its 1.0 GA.  This final release upgrades it's version of Scala to 2.8.1 and includes improved Java APIs.  Another major new feature is the 'Mist' asynchronous bridge, which bridges Actors and HTTP.  Added persistence backends include, SimpleDB, Memcached, Membase, CouchDB, Voldemort, and HBase.

Spring MongoDB Support Project Reaches 1st Milestone

In this first release, configuration of the MongoDB environment is accomplished with BeanFactory and Namespace (http://www.springsource.org/node/3032).  Spring Data Document 1.0 M1 also adds support for MongoTemplate's 'insert', 'find', 'save', 'update', 'remove', and POJO serialization on bean properties.  MongoTemplate has also gained support that enables logging and throwing exceptions based on the WriteResult return value.

Is IE9 a Modern Browser?

What is a "modern browser"? Does the new Windows browser qualify?  Thanks riamarch for the interesting perspective on this debate.


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