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Daily Dose: Introducing Drizzle: A New, Lightweight Version of MySQL

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Drizzle is the latest lightweight fork originating from Oracle's MySQL database.  The Drizzle development team has eliminated all of the features they considered non-essential, leaving behind a leaner, faster version of MySQL.  Users will enjoy the reduced management overhead.  Counter to popular practice, Drizzle doesn't run on Microsoft Windows.  There is no embedded server, stored procedures, triggers, or views.  Instead of overburdening itself with features, Drizzle  acts as a microkernel using C++ and relying on plug-ins for feature expansion.  

iPhone 4 With iOS 4.3 Still Slower Than Android?

84% of the time, iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3 is approximately a third slower than phones running Android 2.3 or Android 2.2, according to to 45k tests run by the web performance company called Blaze. This implies that the new Java optimizations aren't as effective at reducing page load speed as users had hoped. Users of AJAX apps might experience a more meaningful increase in speed than users who are only comparing web page load speed.  

Five Potential Security Leaks Plugged in PHP 5.3.6

PHP 5.3.6, a maintenance update for the PHP interpreter, includes over sixty bug fixes.  Five of those fixes are for known security issues, including a format string vulnerability in the phar extension of PHP 5.3.5.  Attackers could potentially view memory or execute code within the system.  Enhanced security has also been added to the protocol parsing done by the fastcgi process manager.  

Android 3.0 Gets Improved Hardware Acceleration

A new rendering pipeline has been added to version 3.0 of the Android OS.  This allows applications to benefit from accelerated 2D graphics. In the past, only windows composition or OpenGL games took advantage of hardware acceleration.


8 jQuery Methods You Need to Know

Here's an overview of eight jQuery methods that will save you time and headaches. Thanks to Kevin Liew for the link!

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