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Daily Dose: iOS5 Jailbroken only 1 Day After Reveal

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Daily Dose: iOS5 Jailbroken only 1 Day After Reveal

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Yesterday, Apple finally revealed it's newest mobile operating system: iOS 5. Now, less than 24 hours later, the hacking collective "Dev-Team" has jailbroken the developer beta of the OS using limera1n, the same tool used to jailbreak earlier versions. Unfortunately for people interested in jailbreaking their iOS 5 devices, the devices must be jailbroken while tethered to their computer. Do the new features in iOS 5 finally compensate for jailbreaking, or is it still worth it? Most of us will have to wait and see when iOS 5 drops this fall.

Java SE 7 passed by JCP

Today, the Java Community Process Executive Committee passed JSR #336, the public review ballot outlining release contents in Java SE 7. This news comes after long standing drama between Oracle, Sun, and the rest of the commiteee. According to Stephen Colebourne's Weblog, "the yes vote happened because Oracle made a decision to kill Apache Harmony" and that "it would proceed with version 7 no matter what the Executive Committee voted." In hearing this decision, EC members Doug Lea, Tim Peierls, and Apache itself left the committee. So, what good is a committee if their decision doesn't matter? More information on the history of this decision can be found on Coulebourne's summary of the events.

CSS 2.1 Becomes a W3C Recommendation

After more than a decade of widespread use, the W3C standards body for the Open Web Platform has finally decided to add CSS 2.1 to their standard reccomendations. The official press release detailing the announcement states that "this publication crowns a long effort to achieve very broad interoperability. Now we can turn our attention to the cool features we've been itching to bring to the Web." Hacker News member ceejayoz expresses his "excitement" regarding the announcement:

"I guess we can all start using it now. Heh."

There is no word on if or when CSS 3 will be added to the standards body, or how long it would take.

Oracle's Large Damages from Google Could Exceed Android Earnings

Last August, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for infringing on software patents and copyrights owned by Oracle and related to Java. A new document in the patent lawsuit appeared today, detailing the damages Oracle is seeking from Google. Oracle compensation would "far exceed any money Google has ever earned with Android", and "could lead to a rewrite of Android's Dalvik virtual machine" ,which could mean bad news for the Android platform and its large group of developers.


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