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Daily Dose: JavaFX: The Resurrection (Java FX 2.0 Released)

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Daily Dose: JavaFX: The Resurrection (Java FX 2.0 Released)

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This afternoon, the Java FX 2.0 release was made available in public beta format, signifying another big step in Oracle's plan to make JavaFX a premier rich client platform.

At JavaOne 2010, we learned that the RIA framework would discontinue the use of its much-maligned JavaFX Script and instead use the Java API—meaning other JVM languages such as Groovy and Scala could write applications with JavaFX…so click here to download and discover for yourself!  JavaFX 2.0 Beta is available as a plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0.

Click here for tutorials and API documentation.

Important point: JavaFX 2.0 Plugin for NetBeans IDE 7.0 will NOT support development of application development based on JavaFX 1.3.1 or earlier versions.

Oracle Sees Uptick In Sun Server Sales

Earlier this week, Oracle managed a small victory in regards to their 1.5 old purchase of Sun Microsystems, by expanding the sales of Sun's server hardware for the first time in three and a half years, according to IDC.

Oracle rang up $773 million in server sales over the first quarter, a respectable increase from the $681 million they charted in the first part of 2010. According to IDC analyst Matt Eastwood, this is the first increase in hardware sales Sun has seen since the third quarter of 2007.

This boost in sales numbers may have more to do with a larger improvement in the server market- overall sales in that sector spiked 12.1 percent.  And according to some Slashdot commenters, there's other aspects to this "recovery", namely the price increases that Oracle has put into place.

swordgeek said:

IDC can say what they want, but the only way Sun hardware sales are growing is because Oracle bumped up the price on the hardware, and companies are buying their last Sun gear to give a two-year buffer to migrate away from. I don't know of a single company ANYWHERE that is actively growing their Sun server farm.

Click here to see the entire discussion on Slashdot.

Amazon Steps To Apple Again With "Mac Download Store" Launch

Amazon opened a Mac Application Store today called the “Mac Download Store”, adding a new chapter in their aggressive bid to disrupt the prime players in the app store arena. While this isn't Amazon's first journey into selling downloadable Mac software, it is the first time all Macintosh products have been organized in their own area on Amazon.com.

This comes hot on the heels of the "Appstore For Android" which launched in March, pitting Amazon against Google's Android Market. It also coincides with Amazon's legal tussle with Apple over the term "Appstore". 

The store features 250 of the most popular game and   software titles for Mac. But is it any more convenient for Mac users? Time will tell….

Mobjectify: Simple Mobile Mockups

And lastly, here's a brand new tool that may be helpful for mobile developers who want to put together a mockup of a site with minimal hassle.  

Mobjectify provides you with a simple list of available controls so you can generate a prototype for your site quickly, so you can fiddle with running designs as opposed to going the wireframe or paper layout route.

All designs are styled with jQuery Mobile, and no knowledge of HTML or JavaScript is required, so the code-challenged and master developers alike can realize their visions.

Click here to check it out. 

Link of the day:

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