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Daily Dose: JBoss Application Server 7 is here!

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Daily Dose: JBoss Application Server 7 is here!

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Today, JBoss released the 7th version of their free, open-source Java EE-based application server. As JBoss' Lead Technical Director Mark Little states,

It's taken us a while to get here and we've taken some pretty drastic and innovative steps along the way. 

One of those innovations is Arquillian integration, which aims to simplify in-container testing to speed up project development. Some of the other features in this release include:

1) Blazing fast start-up time - up to 10X faster!
2) Java EE 6 - leading the pack. again.
3) Very lightweight - exceptionally small footprint and aggressive memory management mean you can run it practically everywhere.
4) Modular core - delivers true application isolation.
5) Elegant management - simplified console and APIs.
6) Domain management - manage servers as groups.
7) Testable by design - simplified in-container testing via the Arquillian project speeds development.

More information on JBoss Application Server 7, including webinars, articles, and downloads, is available from the official JBoss website.

New Versions of Spring and Spring Roo released

Spring, the open source Java-based framework, reached its second and final milestone with the release of version 3.1.0 M2. The release includes many new features, such as:

  • Code equivalents for Spring's XML namespaces
  • Builder-style APIs for code-based hibernate configuration
  • TestContext framework support for @Configuration classes and bean definition profiles

Along with Spring's update, the Spring Roo development kit also received an update. Spring Roo 1.1.5 features over 95 improvements and bug fixes, and "allows you to create full enterprise applications in just minutes."

ScrumWorks Pro 5.0 improves Scalability and Speed

CollabNet has completely overhauled their Agile project and program management software ScrumWorks Pro for its 5th version. The new application has a "modernized look and feel, a vastly upgraded Web user interface, and important advances in scalability and speed to meet enterprise customer needs". ScrumWorks pro 5.0 is free to download and use for 10 users from the official website.

Firefox Sync Server drops PHP, now runs completely on Python

Firefox Sync Server, the server tool for syncing Firefox data, such as bookmarks and form history, across multiple computers now runs solely on Python.  Tarek Ziadé, a Mozilla Services developer who worked on Firefox Sync Server, explains the switch in a comment on his blog. According to Ziadé, Python matches Firefox Sync Server's packaging, library, and sharing needs, along with rich web stack options and native support for non-web specific libraries.

Why I still program

Thanks to user didxga for today's top link: an autobiographic blog post on why Daniel Lemire still programs!


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