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Daily Dose: JRockit Now Free To Download!

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As a result of Oracle's strategy to merge HotSpot and JRockit into a single best-of-breed JVM, JRockit is now free for development and internal production use on general purpose computers. Use in external production and other non-general computers is apparently not free, as commercial features will continue to require a commercial license. They can be purchased standalone for use with any Java application.

However, JRockit is not an open source project. The new license is a slightly modified version of the Binary Code License that Sun has used for various Java downloads for many years.

To see which features are free and commercial, click here.
You can download a copy of JRockit here.

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Update Now Available

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 is now available at jetbrains.com. The update is free for anyone with a version 10 license and anyone using the Community version.

The main updates to version 10.5 include:
- Full Java 7 Support
- Reworked UI for refactorings and Search/Replace, simplified code completion
- JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome
- Groovy 1.8 and Spring 3.1 support
- JavaScript, Android and Flex enhancements

Also, IDEA Ultimate (for commercial use) has lowered its price for new licenses and personal license upgrades. Click here for a closer look at everything that's new with IDEA 10.5, and download the version that suits you.

Oracle Delivers Third VirtualBox 4.0 Update

Oracle has also rolled out a third update of VirtualBox 4.0 desktop virtualization application for x86 hardware.

The latest update will fix a bunch of problems that currently affect Mac OS X hosts, such as incompatibility issues and painting corruptions on a second monitor when in 64-bit mode. A bug on systems with more than 16 cores has also been corrected. For more about the update, and a full list of the changes that were made, click here.

You can download VirtualBox for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris from the VirtualBox site.
Both the Oracle VM VirtualBox source code and the binary are licensed under GPLv2. The Extension Pack mechanism (which enables third-party sources to include their own add-on functionality) is licensed under the PUEL.

Dr. Explain Generates Help Files & Online Manuals

And for those who have grown tired of creating help documentation from scratch, we've come across Dr. Explain, a docs generation tool that grabs and automatically documents UI components and other aspects from live applications. Help files and online manuals can be created for Windows software, Java and Flash applications, and Web sites.  

Click here for a live video demo
Download a free trial here. (32 Mb)

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