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Daily Dose: Mac OS More Popular in Development than Linux, According to Survey

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Daily Dose: Mac OS More Popular in Development than Linux, According to Survey

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According to a recent survey on a variety of development topics conducted by Evans Data, Mac operating systems have moved ahead of Linux in popularity as a development environment. Although Windows remains the most popular operating system for development (80% of surveyed developers used it), Linux dropped to third place with a scant 5.6% of the surveyed developers using it. However, Linux still remains more popular than Mac OS as a development target. More than twice as many developers target Linux over Mac.

Other points from the survey:

---Developers believe Mobile and Cloud development will increase the most in importance over the next three years, followed distantly by open source and plug-in architecture.  The DevOps phenomenon will be least important.
---Adobe’s BlazeDS is being well received in North America with over a third of developers using or expecting to use this.
---Almost half (47.3%) of North American developers use or expect to use Java ME.

Infinispan Platform Launches Version 5.0

The Infinispan grid computing platform has released version 5.0 (code named "Pagoa"), after half a year of development. The new version will also support OSGi, CDI, and Spring programming models. Infinispan is utilized to assemble data grids on the most recent multi-core and multi-processor architectures. According to the Infinispan project roadmap, future versions will be compatible for use in conjunction with PHP, C, and Python.

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HTC's New Developer Portal Launched

Smartphone company HTC has premiered its new HTC dev developer portal, which replaces their old developer.htc.com Developer Center. HTCdev will be the new location for binaries and  kernel source code for Android-fueled smartphones. The new site will also host HTC's OpenSense SDK. The new portal will also house the forthcoming bootloader unlocking solution, which will allow users to unlock the bootloaders and shut off the NAND protection on several HTC devices.

AccuRev Announces Version 5.2 of Software Configuration Management Enterprise Edition

At the Agile 2011 Conference in Salt Lake City, AccuRev announced version 5.2 of their Software Configuration Management Enterprise Edition, which is designed to simplify complex parallel development projects. Updates include workflow integration, scalability improvements, and the ability to embed PostgreSQL.

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