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Daily Dose: Making Solr/Lucene 4.x Accessable - Lucid Imagination 1.7 Released

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Daily Dose: Making Solr/Lucene 4.x Accessable - Lucid Imagination 1.7 Released

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It's been less than a week since the long-awaited GA release of Apache Solr 3.1 and Lucene 3.1.  Well, it seems that Lucid Imagination is already looking ahead to version 4.x.  They just released LucidWorks Enterprise 1.7, the newest edition of their enterprise search development platform, which is free to download and play with.  Built on Apache Solr/Lucene, the new platform allows users to access all the newest Solr/Lucene 4.x technology.

Along with the the bleeding-edge Solr/Lucene features, LucidWorks Enterprise1.7 includes the following features:

  • MicrosoftSharepoint integration. 
  • Enhanced security/user management.
  • Large-scale data acquisition management.

Oracle Database is Still #1 in RDBMS Market Share

According to Gartner's survey of market share numbers, Oracle Database was the most popular proprietary RDBMS on the market in 2010.  Holding a market share of 48.1%, the Oracle Database has more users than their top five competitors combined.  Oracle likely owes its continued success to a strong sales team and it's solid feature set, which includes transparent data encryption, data masking, and unique security features.

HTML5 - What Do We Want Next?

The W3C HTML5 Working Group has updated eight of its HTML5 documents. The W3C is also starting to lay the foundations for HTML's future after the HTML5 specs are finished.  Sam Ruby, HTML5 Task Force member, sent an announcement requesting input for what will come after HTML5:

Meanwhile, this may be a good time for others to begin to capture ideas
for what comes after HTML5.

What would you like to see in HTML6 (if we can really call it that)?

GNOME 3.0 Release

The first release of the third generation of GNOME arrives almost ten years after the initial release of GNOME 2.0.  One of the most noticeable changes in GNOME 3.0 is the updated user interface (UI).  Since the release of GNOME 2.0, almost no change has been made to the UI.  A reduced number of configuration options makes using GNOME 3.0 easier for new users.

 30 Very Useful Add-ons That Works Great With Firefox 4

Add-ons for everything from adblocking to a moveable Firefox button. 

Take a look at an Indigo.Design sample application to learn more about how apps are created with design to code software.


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