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Daily Dose: Java SE 7 is Here!

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Daily Dose: Java SE 7 is Here!

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Right on schedule, the GA release of JDK 7 is now available.  If you haven't already familiarized yourself with all the new features, check out the OpenJDK page.  New features include diamond syntax, strings in switch, try-with resources, and more.

MS-DOS turns 30!

Thirty years ago, Microsoft acquired the rights from Seattle Computer Products for their  "Quick and Dirty Operating System".  It eventually turned into MS-DOS, which IBM later approached Microsoft to use as the standard for their personal computers. We all know how Microsoft turned out, but ExtremeTech provides a brief overview of the corporation's history for those who need to catch up.

Dell announces OpenStack solution, open sources Crowbar

At OSCON today, Dell revealed its Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution, "an open-source cloud platform built on software developed by Rackspace".

It offers support for existing ecosystems plus opportunities to influence future direction. Better yet, it provides foundational components for cloud services. By building on the OpenStack foundation, you can position yourself to deliver a complete cloud solution.

Dell also open sourced Crowbar, its Opscode's Chef integrated cloud automation system for deploying cloud systems quickly. The source for Crowbar is available from the official GitHub repository.

Google Releases LevelDB

The team behind Google's GFS and MapReduce has open-sourced LevelDB, the "fast key-value storage engine that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values". The library is written in C++, and is available under a BSD-style license. LevelDB can be used in many contexts, such as "a web browser to store a cache of recently accessed web pages, or by an operating system to store the list of installed packages and package dependencies, or by an application to store user preference settings".  The project is available from Google Code, and has been ported to several systems including Mac OS X, Windows, and Android.

Developers Angered over Android Marketplace Search

On July 1st, Google changed the Android Marketplace's search functionality. which has angered developers hoping to have their applications easily accessible for downloading. Since the update, one developer's application cannot be found using the marketplace search, even using the application's exact name. There have been over 1,100 posts in the Android support forum since the change, and Google "is aware of the issue and promised to investigate".

NetBeans Announces 1,000,000 Active Users

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