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Daily Dose: Oracle To Deliver Java 7 In Late July

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Daily Dose: Oracle To Deliver Java 7 In Late July

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Oracle is due to release the first release candidate of Java on July 28th. Aside from a focus on performance, integration, and productivity, there aren't too many changes to report- despite the four and a half year gap between Java 6 and 7. More significant updates are to be expected in Java 8, which is scheduled for release at the close of 2012.

Click here to watch a great in-depth discussion about Java 7 on the Oracle site called "Moving Java Forward".  

LucidWorks Certified Distributions For Solr 3.2 And Lucene 3.2 Released

Lucid Imagination has made LucidWorks Certified Distribution 3.2 for Solr and Lucene available, and feature the most recent improvements from the Apache project in an integrated, supportable release.

Aside from removing all software components that put any restrictions on the total open usage of the package, some additions include:

For Solr Certified Distribution

  •   SOLR-2462: Fix extremely high memory usage problems with spellcheck.collate. Separately, an additional spellcheck.maxCollationEvaluations (default=10000) p  parameter is added to avoid excessive CPU time in extreme cases (e.g. long queries with many misspelled words).
  •   SOLR-2554: RandomSortField didn’t work when used in a function query.
  •   SOLR-2567: Solr now defaults to TieredMergePolicy.
  •   SOLR-2579: UIMAUpdateRequestProcessor ignore error fails if text.length() < 100.

For Lucene Certified Distribution

  • LUCENE-152: Add KStem (light stemmer for English). See the commented out “text_en” fieldType in the example schema.
  • LUCENE-3102: CachingCollector.replay was failing to call setScorer per-segment
  • LUCENE-3147, LUCENE-3152: Fixed open file handles leaks in many places in the code. Now MockDirectoryWrapper (in test-framework) tracks all open files, including locks, and fails if the test fails to release all of them.
  • LUCENE-3182: fix corruption case, when one thread is calling IW.addIndices(IR...) and another thread calls IW.rollback()
  • LUCENE-3183: Fix rare corner case where seeking to empty term (field=”", term=”") with terms index interval 1 could hit ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • LUCENE-3185: Fix bug in NRTCachingDirectory.deleteFile that would always throw exception and sometimes fail to actually delete the file.


Chrome 13 Beefs Up WebGL Security

Due to recent security issues with WebGL, Google will no longer permit cross-domain media as a WebGL texture. Applications can still use images and video from other domains with the assistance of the server hosting the media (also known as CORS- Cross Origin Resource Sharing).

This new behavior can be tested with images from Picasa, which sends a CORS header that allows cross-origin requests, and the Chrome dev channel.

Puppet Labs CEO Warns Cloud-Bound Developers

According to Dr. Dobbs.com, Puppet Labs CEO Luke Kanies has stated that developers should take care before joining the cloud computing parade, due to traditional application architecture problems such as scaling, redundancy, security and performance.

"The performance characteristics of the cloud can even inhibit your ability to scale. These limitations can also result in application architecture being designed around the cloud's shortfalls rather than in an optimal manner"

Kanies also expressed that developers should focus on flexibility and portability within application architecture.

"In light of recent cloud outages, cloud marketing may also be giving developers and businesses a false sense of security about the availability of their applications. Cloud platforms are generally built to be robust and redundant, but it is still infrastructure — and infrastructure faults can mean business outages. Deploying on cloud platforms doesn't mean developers can get away with designing applications that are not robust and redundant"

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The Most Powerful JVM Language Available

Thanks to RJernigan for today's big link!!

Engineers build business. See why software teams at Atlassian, PayPal, TripAdvisor, Adobe, and more use GitPrime to be more data-driven. Request a demo today.


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