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Daily Dose: Oracle Wants YOU! (To Help Plan JDK 8)

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Daily Dose: Oracle Wants YOU! (To Help Plan JDK 8)

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Oracle's chief architect wants your help planning the next Java toolkit, JDK 8.  Although Oracle's developers have already determined the major features that will be included in JDK 8, users are invited to suggest other major and minor improvements.  Oracle is trying to remind the Java world that anyone can contribute their ideas to the OpenJDK, and the decision making process will be more transparent than in the past.  However, I'm sure past transgressions (e.g Android lawsuit, Apache leaving JCP) have made many Java developers wary of Oracle's level of openness when it comes to using their code.

Seam 3 JCR Alpha Available

3.0.0.Alpha1, a module of the Seam 3 JCR, is available for download.  This portable extension for CDI allows injection of javax.jcr.Repository.  Javax.jcr.Session objects are also injectable. Other improvements include bridging the JCR event module to a CDI compliant one. You can test the new alpha module here.

Marlin Equity Partners Acquires Aldon

This week, Aldon, a provider of Application Lifestyle Management (ALM) solutions, has been acquired by Marlin Equity Partners, a private equity firm. The exact financial details of the private acquisition haven't been released to the public.  Access to Marlin Equity Partners' extensive resource pool should fuel Aldon's development in ALM for SOA, Web 2.0, etc. according to those close to the deal.

Tasktop 2.0 Announced

The newly announced Tasktop Enterprise 2.0 offers users a new level of Application Lifestyle Management (ALM) interoperability and Agile ALM integration. The new Task Federation capabilities include a bi-directional task synch between ALM components. Cross repository Agile planning is also standard within the Task Federation model.

Griffon 0.9.2 Released

Here's a great overview of the Griffon 0.9.2 release.  Thanks for the link Andres Almiray.

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