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Daily Dose: PHP Fog Ready to Go!

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Learn more about how DevOps teams must adopt a more agile development process, working in parallel instead of waiting on other teams to finish their components or for resources to become available, brought to you in partnership with CA Technologies.

The PHP Fog, a cloud PaaS for PHP, will be available for developer download within the next 30 days. PHP Fog allows developers to easily scale their cloud deployment for PHP apps. Drupal and WordPress installation are made simple with a one-click feature. You can read more about PHP Fog on their site.

SQL Server 2008 SP1 and Feature Pack CTP

SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 CTP and SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 Feature Pack CTP1 are available for download from Microsoft. Several stand alone tools are included with the downloads, adding functionality to SQL Server 2008. New features for SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 CTP include:
  • Dynamic Management Views
  • ForceSeek: improving querying performance.
  • Data-tier Application Component Framework (DAC Fx): improving database upgrades.
  • Disk space control in PowerPivot for SharePoint.
The feature pack includes 15 separately complied, individual packages.  More information is included in the release notes

Approval For CDI 1.1 JSR

With the exception of a non-voting VMWare, the CDI 1.1 spec was unanimously approved.  Those who are interested in contributing to the project are encouraged to check out the  development pate on github. You can also join the CDI development mailing list to contribute to the discussion.

Possible Spinoff for Yahoo's Software Unit

Yahoo is considering the possibility of spinning off its current Hadoop engineering unit.  Classified as a new firm, the spinoff would continue to offer free software and engage in new development projects.  Could this be the first direct Cloudera competitor? Time will tell...

Just what is Node.js?

What is Node.js anyway? Find out! Thanks  Tony Thomas.

Discover the warning signs of DevOps Dysfunction and learn how to get back on the right track, brought to you in partnership with CA Technologies.


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