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Daily Dose - Push Notifications: Standards Coming

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Real time alerts are a wonderful convenience in today's native apps, but now the W3C wants to bring this functionality to web apps.  This week they formed a Web Notification Working Group to develop a web standard for Push Notifications.  The proposal discusses the generation of ambient, interactive, and persistent notifications outside of the web page.

GWT 2.0.4 Fixes Bugs With Safari 5
Google just released GWT 2.0.4, which fixes a bug that caused improper evaluation of non-integral right-shifts.  This was causing GWT-based applications to crash when running Safari 5 (including Google Wave).  Safari 5 users can once again play with Google Wave.

IBM Standardizes on Firefox
Bob Sutor of IBM declared that his company was switching to Firefox this week.  IBM will now strongly urge its 400,000 employees to use the browser at work.  The browser(s) that they previously encouraged remained unnamed.  The move is not surprising since the company has contributed to Mozilla frequently over the last decade.

Maverick Meerkat Alpha 2
Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" has gotten its second alpha release this week.  It pulls in several updated packages including the latest GNOME 3 snapshots, KDE 4.5, and the Linux 2.6.35 RC3 kernel.  Support for installing to Btrfs has been added to Ubuntu's alternate CD installer, and the X.Org Server 1.8 is available.

Lambdas in Java Preview - Part 1: The Basics
Learn some practical examples of how lambdas (closures) in Java could work.  Nick Wiedenbrueck submitted this link.

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