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Daily Dose : Release of Jython 2.5.2 Reaches Benchmarks 20% Faster

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The newest version of Python for Java virtual machines is here! Improvements to overall Jython performance result in a 20% faster pystone benchmark speed.  Other benchmarks show even greater improvements.  Support for IPv6, Internationalized domain names in the socket module, and improved redline emulation round out Jython 2.5.2. 

"Helga" KDE SC 4.6.1 Arrives

The new KDE SC 4.6.1, or project "Helga" service update, has been officially released for download by Linux and Unix users.  This free, open-source desktop environment includes translation updates for the Plasma Desktop and Notebook workspaces. Bug fixes to the KDE Applications and KDE Platform result in fewer problems integrating with a variety of Linux/Unix system configurations.  Improvements have also been made to root out issues with the Okular document viewer and the Dolphin file manager. KDE SC 4.6.1 can be downloaded on the project website.

jQuery Mobile Alpha 3 Release Announced

The newly released jQuery Mobile Alpha 3 ---a library that facilitates JavaScript programming of apps and webpages---  has increased its overall browser support base to include Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile/Mini. Further work has been done to beef up support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry 6, and Palm WebOS.  A re-factored Ajax navigation system enhances overall performance and better supports dialogue.

Wine 1.3.15 Better Than Ever

The development version of Wine 1.3.15 has been issued.  Eventually, this version of Wine will become Wine 1.4, a more complete release of the Wine concept.  Users of the open-source Wine platform can run WIndows applications on Linux or Unix machines by replacing Windows DLLs.  New improvements to Wine 1.3.15 include reflection support in the Direct3D shader complier and MSXML/MSHTML improvements.  Support is also provided for chancing network passwords.  Users who are interested in learning more about Wine's source code can access it on SourceForge.

Ehcache and Terracotta for the Enterprise Caching Solution

Here's a great article that outlines caching as a solution. Thanks to Nicholas Tuck for sharing the link!

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