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Daily Dose: RichFaces 4.0.0 Final Release

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Hope you're ready for the switch to JSF 2.0.  RichFaces 4.0.0, released in GA today, is goes beyond supporting JavaServer Faces 2. Advanced queuing allows the user to take advantage of high performance applications.  Other features include comprehensive documentation, and enhanced client-side validation. You can download RichFaces 4.0.0 here.

Release of OpenCms 7.5.4

OpenCMS 7.5.4, a maintenance release of the popular Open Source Content Management Solutions, is available for download.  Security issues were the primary focus.  Fixes include loopholes surrounding cross site scripting (XSS) and improved compatibility/stability when interacting with IE, FireFox and Oracle database.

New For Cocoa: .NET Style APIs from MonoMac

A new GUI toolkit is available for C# on OS X.  Thanks to its thicker wrapping around the Cocoa APIs, MonoMac 1.0 is more consistent with other .NET/Mono libraries . Unlike its predecessors, MonoMac 1.0 is fully compliant with the .NET Framework Design Guidelines.

Unladen Swallow Grounded For Good

Python developers have officially announced that the Unladen Swallow implementation is dead.  In 2009, developers were excited about the prospect of optimizing Python using an LLVM based JIT compiler.  Python code within Google isn't performance critical, making Unladen Swallow difficult to deploy.  Development efforts have since switched to the PyPy Python JIT.

Fork/Join in Slow Motion

Learn how the Fork/Join algorithm really works! Thanks for the link Lucas Krecan.

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