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Daily Dose: Ruby on Rails Will Now Support HTTP Streaming

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Daily Dose: Ruby on Rails Will Now Support HTTP Streaming

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The new release of the Ruby on Rails web development framework, version 3.1, will feature HTTP support.  This additional support will serve to improve overall page performance by allowing the browser to "get expensive assets like stylesheets and JavaScripts before the server is done processing the whole request."  A release date for Ruby on Rails 3.1 hasn't been announced, but is expected in the near future.

Google Loses $5 Million in Court

In a suite that pitted Google against Texas-based Bedrock Computer Technologies, Google was ordered to pay $5 million for patent infringement.  The search engine giant wasn't alone, as Bedrock Computer Technologies also sued Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, Match.com, AOL, and CME Group over the same Linux methods apparatus.  Google will likely appeal the verdict in the coming months. 

Early Adobe Update

The latest security patch for Adobe Reader and Acrobat X have arrived slightly ahead of schedule.  Originally slated for release on the 25th of April (today), the updates took place on the 21st.  A possible motivation for the accelerated update schedule is the appearance of a particularly nasty vulnerability (CVE-2011-0611).  Since the vulnerability received a "critical" rating, Adobe users are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

Scientific Linux 4.9

A new free model of Red Hat Linux is available.  Scientific Linux 4.9, brainchild of the Fermlab, CERN and other university-driven development departments, has many new bug fixes and security enhancements.  The new version of Scientific Linux is available here.

How to make a 3D gallery using javascript

An interesting, quick tutorial.  Thanks to Tayyab Ibrahim for the link!

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