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Daily Dose: Solr/Lucene Luminaries Launch First Certification for Open Source Search

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Developers hoping to land a job employing Search architecture can now get a leg up on the competition. Lucid Imagination has announced their new certification program directed at developers who work with Lucene/Solr technology. The new Lucid Certified Developer Exam will test participants' open source search knowledge. Registration for certification can be found here. Early registrants for the Lucene Revolution Conference can take advantage of the free testing seats being offered on May 24th, 2011.

GroundWork Cloud Connector Added to GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 6.4

GroundWork has added GroundWork Cloud Connector, an automatic monitoring and provisioning system, to GroundWork Monitor Enterprise 6.4. This new addition will allow users to monitor Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus cloud instances. Traditional data center infrastructures will also be fully trackable. Here's a video overview of GroundWork's Cloud Connector.

Scala Lead Launches Typesafe

Typesafe, launched by Scala creator Martin Odersky, is a company slated to provide an application stack for use in Scala development. This new application stack will be called the Typesafe Stack. Using a Java virtual machine in conjunction with Akka middleware and the Scala IDE for Eclipse, the Typesafe Stack will attempt to handle cloud-sized workloads with a single stack.  This announcement is concurrent with the most recent Scala and Akka release.

Release the Mongrel, Mongrel2 v1.6 That Is…

The new release of Mongrel2 features several fundamental changes along with numerous bug fixes. A list of several new features is included on the Mongrel2 blog:

  • A new TNetString based protocol transport for the headers that should be a lot faster than JSON and safer. We came up with TNetStrings because we found generating JSON was slow and error prone, and really wanted a nice fast easy to parse protocol for a lot of the internal communications. As we go through all the different handlers out there we'll be wiring up TNetStrings support for people.
  • A totally revamped fully programmable control port. The control port now uses TNetStrings completely, which simplifies it, but also means that you can write code against it and fully automat a Mongrel2 server.
  • Lots of new control port commands for getting server info, exact status, with more to come.

The near-future release of Version 1.7 will have "Better SSL support," "WebSockets support using the latest hybi-07 protocol specification," and "filters for writing C".

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