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Daily Dose - SourceForge Blocks the "Axis of Evil" and Then Some

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Daily Dose - SourceForge Blocks the "Axis of Evil" and Then Some

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SourceForge Blocks the "Axis of Evil" and Then Some  
The open source domain is still feeling the effects of the Chinese cyberattack on Gmail.  SourceForge announced that it has blocked five countries from its code repository.  Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Cuba were unable contribute before the announcement, but now they are unable to download as well.  SourceForge's terms of use say that it bars any countries on the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list from accessing or posting content.  Open source advocates are upset with SourceForge's actions, saying that they violate the Open Source Initiative - specifically, the No Discrimination clauses.

Could Apple Go to $1000 a Share?
The Business Insider thinks Apple can maintain its growth rate and even reach $1000 a share.  The video interview talks about Apple's growth opportunities in this so-called "decade of mobile."  Even as prices go down, Apple will grow in sales as mobile technologies become cheaper.  With so much hype surrounding their announcement tomorrow, it's not hard to believe that Apple could be positioned for even more growth.

Opensource.com - Not Just About Software
Red Hat recently launched a community site for open source that covers more than just software.  The site has channels for government, education, law, business, and life.  Opensource.com currently has articles in these channels, but Red Hat has invited the community to take an open source approach and collaborate on how to develop opensource.com.  Red Hat President Jim Whitehurst says the site is not for Red Hat's benefit; it is an effort to give back to open source community.  

ZK 5 Calls Itself AaaS
ZK just launched version 5 of its open source enterprise framework.  Its so-called Ajax-as-a-Service architecture introduces technologies that allow developers to leverage both sides of the server-client model. The integration of jQuery and the Java EE 6 CDI spec, along with additional enterprise-level functionalities, are the main advancements in ZK 5.  

Doug Lea Discusses Java's Fork/Join Framework and Java 7

A video interview of Doug Lea reveals the evolution of the Fork/Join Framework and the new features planned for java.util.concurrent in Java 7.  The "Extra 166" package and concurrent priming are also discussed.

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