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Daily Dose: Spring 3.1 Milestone 1 is Loaded

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The Spring Framework team has announced the first milestone release of Spring Framework 3.1. New features include enhanced Bean definition profiles,  comprehensive caching support, and unified property management.  Chris Beams of SpringSource is posting a series of deep-dive articles about the M1 features on the SpringSource Team Blog .  Version 3.1 M1 is available for download here.

Windows Phone 7 “Mango” Update To Include IE Mobile 9 and HTML5?

The anticipated platform update for Windows Phone 7 codenamed ”Mango” will include IE Mobile 9, and HTML5 support along with it, according to ZDnet writer Mary Jo. Her sources say it is likely that Twitter integration and support for the Silverlight browser will not be in the update.  Microsoft has yet to confirm whether the copy and paste update will be bundled into the Mango update, but sources say that users should get copy and paste in early March.

Needed: New and Improved Mobile Payment Apps for Google's Android 2.3.3 OS

Google's newly released Android 2.3.3 boasts improved near field communications (NFC) with a new reader/writer API. The new update will allow mobile payment apps to achive more complex interactions.  Users of the updated Android 2.3 OS will now be able to use their smartphones for electronic cash transactions between businesses and individuals.

Node.js Announces Second Branch (Version 0.4)

The popular Node.js framework is expanding!  New features of Version 0.4 include an overhaul of the OpenSSL and TLS/SSL.  A new, upgraded version of the JavaScript interpreter/compiler (V8 3.1.2) rounds out the latest branch of the Node.js tree.

What Programming Language to Learn (Next)

Learning a new programming language takes a significant amount of time and effort. Choose wisely!

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