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Daily Dose - Tomcat 7 Servlet Container Declared Stable

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Apache Tomcat has full support for Java EE 6 specs this week, including Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2, and JSP EL.  The developers just announced that the new release of Tomcat 7.0.6 is the first stable release in the 7.x branch.  The other new features in this release include the ability to handle versioned web apps, security enhancements, and memory leak detection and prevention.

Spring WS 2
Spring Web Services 2.0 is generally available this week, which moves support up to Java 5 or greater and Spring 3.0.  The @Endpoint programming model has gained improvements in 2.0 and there is a new integration testing module.  Plenty of other features are explained here.

RHEL 5 Gets Major Update

If you haven't migrated to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 yet, it's alright.  RHEL 5 is still in its support period getting new features and updated drivers.  This week RHEL 5.6 was released with support for the Ext4 file system, Bind 9.7, and PHP 5.3.2.  5.6 also adds the SSSD (System Security Services Daemon) for centralized identity management.

WebOS Tablet Preview Feb 9
In a CNBC interview with HP's Todd Bradley, it was basically confirmed that HP would reveal it's WebOS-based Palm tablet.  The release date was also mentioned broadly as "early 2011."  One of the things Bradley said that the WebOS tablet would have that the iPad wouldn't is the ability to have 20 different applications open at once.

JDK7: Feature Complete
JDK7 has reached Feature Complete status (minus 2 new enhancements - XML updates and promissing JMX stuff from JRockit).  Thanks for the link, Ludovic Hochet.

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