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Daily Dose: USPTO Strikes Major Blow to Oracle's Case Against Android

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Daily Dose: USPTO Strikes Major Blow to Oracle's Case Against Android

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Last August, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google's Android OS for infringing on software patents and copyrights owned by Oracle in relation to Java . The lawsuit could potentially cost Google more than it has made with Android, specifically $1.4 and $6.1 billion dollars. It was announced today that all but 4 of one of the patent's 21 claims were rejected, due to "the finding that the techniques were already well known." Google has pushed the date for the re-examining  for the 168 lawsuits filed for the seven patents to be in October.

Java on Azure gets an Official Eclipse Plugin

Microsoft has released a Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java, intended to "help Eclipse users cfreate and configure deployment packages of their Java applications for the Windows Azure cloud." The plugin features:

    •    Windows Azure project creation wizard
    •    Helpful project structure
    •    Sample utility scripts for downloading or unzipping files, or logging errors in the startup script when running in the cloud
    •    Shortcuts to test your deployment in the Windows Azure compute emulator
    •    Ant-based builder
    •    Project properties UI for configuring Windows Azure roles (instance count, size, endpoints, names, etc)
    •    [New in this CTP] UI for easy remote access configuration for troubleshooting purposes, including ability to create self-signed certificates
    •    [New in this CTP] Schema validation and auto-complete for *.cscfg and *.csdef files


Microsoft Testing Unused Spectrum for Broadband

Microsoft is joining with BT to test spare wireless spectrum in hopes to boost mobile broadband this Wednesday. Together, the two companies will test the leftover "white space" of television and Wi-Fi networks in hopes of providing rural wireless broadband. Dan Read, Microsoft's Vice President of Technology Policy and Strategy, comments:

"The TV white spaces offer tremendous potential to extend the benefits of wireless connectivity to many more people, in more locations, through the creation of super Wi-Fi networks."

Apple to release mid-range iPhone?

According to analyst Chris Whitmore, the iPhone will be released in two versions: the iPhone 5 and the mid-range, prepaid iPhone 4S. The 4S is reportedly priced at $350, and its data plan would work like the iPad's pay-what-you-want plan. We will have to wait until September, when Apple is expected to release the new models of their popular phone.



Speed up your eclipse as a super fast IDE

Thank you to user dotCore for today's top link: ways to speed up Eclipse!


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