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Daily Dose: Yahoo To Announce HortonWorks, A Hadoop Spinoff

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Daily Dose: Yahoo To Announce HortonWorks, A Hadoop Spinoff

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This week, Yahoo plans to announce the creation a separate company called HortonWorks, based around the development and commercialization of Apache Hadoop.HortonWorks plans to use next-generation features and capabilities to create open source tools that make Hadoop easier to use. Yahoo hopes to make HortonWorks the lead vendor for a production-ready Hadoop distribution and support, which will certainly put other companies who have Big Data interests on notice to keep pushing forward in terms of creation and innovation.

Google Swiffy: A HTML5 Converter for Flash

Google Swiffy is a new tool that allows developers to convert Flash SWF files to HTML5 code that is compatible with with iPhone and iPad. In order to use Swiffy, you'll need a Webkit-compatible browser like Chrome or Safari to view the desired result.  Although this is the same function that Adobe's recent "Wallaby" project provides, Swiffy has some limitations still and works best with Flash 5.

Click here to look at the Swiffy FAQ, so you can see what file types are supported.
Click here to use Swiffy.

Ravel Open Sources GoldenOrb

Big Data startup Ravel has open-sourced GoldenOrb, their cloud-based open source project for massive-scale graph analysis. GoldenOrb offers flexible solutions to complex data issues, and can be used in a variety of areas aside from network analysis - including mathematics and epidemiology.

Click here to download GoldenOrb.

Paper.js, A Scripting Framework for HTML5 Canvas

Paper.js is an open source vector graphics scripting framework that runs on the HTML5 Canvas. It's largely compatible with Scriptographer, a scripting tool for Adobe Illustrator. Paper.js has a clean Scene Graph/Document Object Model and a great deal of functionality to create and and work with vector graphics and bezier curves.

Click here for examples of Paper.js in action.
Click here to download Paper.js.



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