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DaliCMS M6 released


Last week, LodgON announced the availability of DaliCMS Milestone 6. DaliCMS is a so-called Web 2.0 Ready Open Source Java based Content Management System. The latest milestone of this CMS contains a number of new features, fixes and improvements. Support for emerging protocols is the key message in this release - and it will be in future releases.

The DaliCMS Open Source Content Management System was made available under the Apache open source license mid 2007. DaliCMS combines the functionality of a traditional CMS (e.g. version management, user and group management, publication management, sitemap generation,...) with "Web 2.0" features - e.g. integration of Google Maps, Flickr data, external blog integration, poll support,...

DaliCMS leverages the Java EE 5 specification and runs on a Java EE 5 compliant container. Special attention is paid to the Glassfish Application Server.

The focus of the Milestone 6 is the integration of a number of existing protocols, most notably OpenID and AtomPub.

Websites and projects developed with DaliCMS can leverage OpenID and users can login using their OpenID account.

The blog-module in DaliCMS supports the AtomPub protocol. As a consequence, bloggers can maintain their blog using any client compliant with AtomPub, e.g. Windows Live Writer or the Firefox Atomic plugin.

This release indicates a clear direction: LodgON wants to emphasize the open character of DaliCMS, in a number of ways:

  • open source: developers are encouraged to download, use and enhance this Java based CMS.
  • support for open API's and protocols: a number of protocols emerges that allows easier integration of different projects and software. One of the goals of DaliCMS is to support the important and useful protocols and API's, making it easier to combine existing tools and API's. AtomPub and OpenID are just two examples.

Make sure to read the full announcement, and download the code from dalicms.org. Java developers are very welcome to join this recent open-source project.  More information can be obatined at info@dalicms.org.


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