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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for dummies

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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) for dummies

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Although there is a lot of buzz around cloud computing, it will not solve the problems of all the IT companies.

One size fits all is not yet valid in the information technology world, which is disparate and needs several solutions to address its various problems.

The traditional data centers that operate in-house will continue to be relevant to certain types of organizations. It is also a fact that cloud service providers with large data centers need to have the most efficient management solutions in place.

This is where data center infrastructure management (DCIM) comes in. It allows efficient monitoring of all systems to take place in both IT and facility infrastructure so that the data center operates efficiently.

Under the ambit of traditional infrastructure monitoring, not all systems are covered. But DCIM includes comprehensive aspects, such as asset tracking, change management, virtual systems’ analysis, handling of utility processes, such as power, cooling and heating, optimal usage of systems for improving productivity, bringing together of all resources, multi-layered monitoring, and planning for the future by making use of modeling situations.

Even though there do exist software solutions which manage some of the above-mentioned features, DCIM’s mandate is to bring them together under one central point of administration.

For instance, if an organization requires insights into all of its modules, DCIM executes this task by providing appropriate information about its modules and how they are linked to one another, in order to identify cost-cutting possibilities, cut down risks, and, thus, improve the management of the data center. In addition, how operations of certain modules affect other modules within a data center are also gauged.

IT professionals designing them are alert to the fact that the modules of large data centers always keep changing. All these changes have to be viewed as separate projects, and at times these changes may overlap with one another. IT departments and facilities in these large data centers will fulfill their needs only partly by deployment of DCIM solutions

It is crucial that in this environment appropriate solutions are provided at as low a price as possible for each specific service. DCIM solutions allow the data center’s costs to be evaluated and highly efficient.

There are many DCIM solutions, each of which offers a lot of competencies.  Many large data centers, which have already implemented DCIM solutions, have reportedly achieved desired results in quick time. Companies have to decide which DCIM they would opt for. 


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