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Data Logger With tinyK20 Board

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Data Logger With tinyK20 Board

Using the tinyK20 board to log gyroscope sensor data, complete with an example on GitHub.

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First off: The tinyK20 project is progressing fine and is now on Hackaday.io. :-).

For a research project we would like to use the tinyK20 to log gyro sensor data. For this I have created a quick-n-dirty project to explore how feasible it is. The tinyK20 has all the pins on the outside of the board, so I’m able to put it on a bread board:

Image title

tinyK20 on Breadboard

The tinyK20 has been designed with the data logger as one of its applications. For this, there is a micro-SD card socket on the bottom side of the PCB:

Image title

Micro SD Card Socket on TinyK20

The cool thing with the tinyK20 is that I can use it to debug another board. As a bonus, the tinyK20 is able to power the target board trough the SWD cable:

:idea: The internal USB regulator of the Freescale Kinetis K20 is able to offer around 100 mA. I use the DC-DC converter on the backside of the tinyK20 to power more than the 100 mA.

Image title

tinyK20 debugging another tinyK20

I used a Segger J-Link to get performance data with the Segger SystemViewer.

Image title

Debugging with J-Link

Right now I’m logging dummy data. Checking the performance with the Segger SystemViewer for FreeRTOS shows around 20 ms to append 20 bytes to a file (csv format):

Image title

tinyK20 Data Logger with Segger SystemViewer

So far, I have plenty of power to do that data logger application, and I even have a shell with USB and the Segger RTT running. :-).

If you want to have a look at that data logger project, it is on GitHub: https://github.com/ErichStyger/mcuoneclipse/tree/master/Examples/KDS/tinyK20/tinyK20_DataLogger

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