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Percona continues its mission to make open source databases easier to manage across platforms.

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I had the opportunity to meet with Peter Zaitsev, Founder and President and Matt Yonkovit, Chief Experience Officer, Percona following the day one keynote at their Percona Live, Open Source Database Conference in Austin, Texas.

During the keynote, they announced the Percona Cloud Native Autonomous Database Initiative — a series of product releases that expand support for cloud-native applications and make it easier for organizations to manage their hybrid multi-cloud environments while addressing the concerns of vendor lock-in, complexity, and security.

The Percona Cloud Native Autonomous Database Initiative includes Percona Kubernetes Operator for XtraDB Cluster and Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB which provide fully tested, OpenShift-certified configurations of Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona Server for MongoDB to ensure reliability and consistency in containerized environments. Percona XtraBackup for MySQL 8.0.6 adds support for the MyRocks storage engine and the ability to save backups to Amazon S3, MiniIO, or Google Cloud, further increasing application performance and reliability in the cloud.

The database has long been a problem when building a cloud-native application. Operators act as the brains behind running your own portable database as a service (DBaaS) in Kubernetes. With Percona Kubernetes Operators, you can add or remove nodes from your cluster, enabling you to scale your database like you scale your applications. Percona Kubernetes Operators open up a whole new world of automation and ensure you have a consistent and portable environment across all platforms. You get the same environment and consistency no matter if you are on premises, in a public or private cloud, or a hybrid thereof.

Percona Kubernetes Operator for XtraDB Cluster and Percona Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB – Percona Kubernetes Operators make it easier to deploy, manage and scale Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona Server for MongoDB environments. Percona Kubernetes Operators allow companies to orchestrate data across complex environments. For example, Operators can be used to automate a variety of tasks, including failure recovery, backup, and scaling. Percona XtraBackup and Percona Monitoring and Management are included in the Operator configurations, enabling users to protect data while gaining additional insight into the workings of their database. The Operators are also OpenShift certified, increasing user confidence in the reliability and functionality of the solutions.

According to Peter, “Operators are still a relatively recent addition to the market, but they are essential to helping organizations tackle the challenge of managing their new hybrid multi-cloud environments. By creating these new Percona Operators and making it easier to back up data to cloud-based locations, Percona is helping customers simplify database management, increase performance and reliability, drive down costs and, essential in an era of rapid innovation, eliminate vendor lock-in.”

Percona XtraBackup for MySQL 8.0.6 – Percona XtraBackup for MySQL 8.0.6 adds support for the MyRocks storage engine and the ability to save backups to Amazon S3, MiniIO, or Google Cloud. The MyRocks storage engine delivers enhanced storage endurance and optimizes storage utilization. The ability to backup data to cloud-based locations supports an organization’s migration to the cloud by providing high performance, reliability, and security for cloud-based backups at a lower cost.

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