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The living solutions directory for DZone's annual research guides on databases and data persistence.

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Free Resource
product classification Free Trial website Last Updated
ActiveObjects by Atlassian ORM Included in Jira and Confluence atlassian.com 5/16/16
ActiveRecord ORM Included in Rails rubyonrails.org 5/16/16
Adabas by Software AG Stream Processing Free tier available softwareag.com 5/16/16
Aerospike Server In-Memory, KV Open source aerospike.com 5/16/16
Altibase HDB In-Memory, NewSQL Free tier available altibase.com 5/16/16
Apache Cassandra KV, Wide Column Open source cassandra.apache.org 5/16/16
Apache Hbase Wide Column Open source hbase.apache.org 5/16/16
Apache Ignite In-Memory, Hadoop, Data Grid Open source ignite.apache.org 5/16/16
Apache OpenJPA ORM Open source


ArangoDB Graph, Document, KV Open source arangodb.com 5/16/16
Aster Database by Teradata Specialist Analytic Available by request teradata.com 5/16/16
c-treeACE by FairCom NewSQL, KV Direct Access Available by request faircom.com 5/16/16
Cache by Intersystems Object-Oriented Free tier available intersystems.com 5/16/16
CakePHP ORM Open source cakephp.org 5/16/16
ClustrixDB NewSQL Available by request clustrix.com 5/16/16
Core Data by Apple ORM Included in iOS and OS X developer.apple.com 5/16/16
Couchbase Server KV, Document, Data Caching Open source couchbase.com 5/16/16
Database Lifecycle Management by Red Gate Software CI, Source Control, Change Management for Databases 14-day free trial red-gate.com 5/16/16
Database Performance Analyzer for MySQL by Solarwinds Database Performance Tuning 14-day free trial solarwinds.com 5/16/16
Database Release Automation by DBmaestro Continuous Delivery for Databases 14-day free trial dbmaestro.com 5/16/16
Django ORM Open source djangoproject.com 5/16/16
DynamoDB by Amazon KV, DBaaS Free tier available aws.amazon.com 5/16/16
EclipseLink ORM Open source eclipse.org 5/16/16
EDB Postgres Advanced Server by EnterpriseDB RDBMS Free tier available enterprisedb.com 5/16/16
Entity Framework ORM Part of .NET Framework msnd.microsoft.com 5/16/16
Hazelcast In-Memory, Data Grid Open source hazelcast.com 5/16/16
Hibernate by Red Hat ORM Open source hibernate.org 5/16/16
IBM DB2 RDBMS Free tier available ibm.com 5/16/16
Infinispan by JBoss In-Memory, KV Open source infinispan.org 5/16/16
In-Memory Data Fabric by GridGain In-Memory, Hadoop, Data Grid Free tier available gridgain.com 5/16/16
Ingres by Actian RDBMS 30-day free trial actian.com 5/16/16
InterBase by Embarcadero RDBMS Free tier available embarcadero.com 5/16/16
JDBC by Oracle ORM Free solution oracle.com 5/16/16
JOOQ ORM Open source jooq.org 5/16/16
MariaDB RDBMS, MySQL Family Open source mariadb.com 5/16/16
MemSQL In-Memory, NewSQL Free tier available memsql.com 5/16/16
MongoDB Document Open source mongodb.org 5/16/16
MyBatis ORM Open source mybatis.org 5/16/16
MySQL Community Edition by Oracle RDBMS Open source mysql.com 5/16/16
Neo4j by Neo Technology Graph Free tier available neo4j.com 5/16/16
Nhibernate ORM Open source nhibernate.info 5/16/16
NuoDB NewSQL Free tier available nuodb.com 5/16/16
Oracle Database RDBMS, Graph, Document Free solution oracle.com 5/16/16
OrientDB RDBMS, Document, Graph Open source orientechnologies.com 5/16/16
OrmLite ORM Open source ormlite.com 5/16/16
Percona Server RDBMS, MySQL Family Free solution percona.com 5/16/16
Pivotal Gemfire In-Memory, Data Grid Free solution pivotal.io 5/16/16
PostgreSQL RDBMS Open source postgresql.org 5/16/16
RavenDB by Hibernating Rhinos Document Open source ravendb.net 5/16/16
Redis In-Memory, KV, Data Caching Open source redislabs.com 5/16/16
Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster In-Memory, KV, Data Caching Free tier available redislabs.com 5/16/16
Riak by Basho Document, KV Open source basho.com 5/16/16
SAP HANA Platform In-Memory, Column-Oriented RDBMS Available by request hana.sap.com 5/16/16
ScaleOut StateServer In-Memory, Hadoop, Data Grid 30-day free trial scaleoutsoftware.com 5/16/16
Splice Machine NewSQL, Hadoop Free tier available splicemachine.com 5/16/16
SQL Server 2016 by Microsoft RDBMS 180-day preview available microsoft.com 5/16/16
SQLAlchemy ORM Open source sqlalchemy.org 5/16/16
SQLite RDBMS Open source sqlite.org 5/16/16
Storm by Canonical ORM Open source storm.canonical.com 5/16/16
Toplink by Oracle ORM Free solution oracle.com 5/16/16
Versant Object Database by Actian Object-Oriented 30-day free trial actian.com 5/16/16
VoltDB In-Memory, NewSQL 30-day free trial voltdb.com 5/16/16
Zend Framework ORM Open source framework.zend.com 5/16/16
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