Data Science Start-Ups in Focus: Exaptive

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Data Science Start-Ups in Focus: Exaptive

As we continue our series on data science start-ups, let's check out Exaptive, a platform that eases the creation of data applications.

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This is the third article in our series, Data Science Start-Ups in Focus, where we deep dive into different start-ups in the area of data science and analytics to learn from their unique perspectives in the field. The goal here is to introduce readers to new helpful platforms and tools and show companies doing interesting things related to Machine Learning and the Big Data space. The first issue in the series shined the spotlight on BigML, while the second showed off H2O.ai. This month we'll focus on Exaptive, a platform that eases the creation of data applications — applications that let you perform specific actions with data.

There are data visualizations. There are web applications. If they had a baby, you'd get a data application. — Mike Perez, Exaptive

Enterprises are in a phase that requires them to be quick at decision-making. They need to build new data applications and take advantage of the upcoming technologies that can utilize big data to better the business. Also, the turnaround time to develop these applications should be as quick as possible to give them an edge over the competition. Exaptive Studio is a cloud-based application which provides a platform that makes it effortless to create, experiment, test, and deploy your data applications to use instantly. The modular component system for rapid prototyping enables one to create reusable optimal components. Founded in 2011, Exaptive is on a mission to provide organizations with the ability to explore a complex data landscape via interactive applications instead of just providing reports or dashboards. Their cloud offerings are budget friendly and the community edition is free to use anywhere, anytime.

Getting Started

So, let’s explore our first data pipeline in Exaptive.

You can sign up here to get a free access to the community edition. Next, login with your credentials and you view the below landing screen.

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The Quickstart Links provides useful links to get started.

  1. Learn to build Xaps: A data application built with the Exaptive Studio. Xaps are a combination of components that form applications or more complex component (we'll talk more about that later).

  2. Learn to build components: Xaps are made up of components. Each component is a building block, which can be an activity or an API that interacts with other components to create a Xaps application. You can choose any of the pre defined components or describe a component of your own.

  3. Working with your favorite technology: Be it JavaScript, R, Python, or Spark code, Exaptive has it all for you to use them on the platform. There around 15 programming languages/technologies are supported by the Exaptive platform.

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Once you are in the Create New window, you can start building a Xap or a new component, or generate an asset like a code library for your team to use.

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In future posts, we will have an illustration on designing a custom data application. However, you can start using it right away, using the extensive documentation that Exaptive has for technical reference. You can also learn more about the platform, use-cases, and read other interesting write-up from the team down below:

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