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Database Conflicts On Wordpress

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Wordpress is the most popular platform of choice for people when it comes to building blogs and websites. The reasons behind its popularity is the fact that it is easy to install with little expert help requirement and the automatic upradation that Wordpress offers. 

However if you take the look at the websites that generally use Wordpress you will discover that no e-commerce sites do it. This is because integrating an e-commerce setup into a Wordpress platform requires expert knowledge and especially in the field of database management. The cause behind this is that setting up an e-commerce website on Wordpress leads to database conflicts for which you will require remote dba services at remotedba.com.

1.  Conflicts in database management

Usually the reason behind database conflicts occurring is when a couple of database using web applications are being run at the same time. The conflict takes place when both the programs are using one database on a shared basis and are also using the tables with the same names. For example on Wordpress if there is a table called ‘items’ and even your ecommerce web based program is using a table called ‘items’ with differing fields, there will be an error when any data is being accessed or upgraded by your web program.

2.  Reason behind conflicts

These kinds of database conflicts happen when there are plug-ins and other web applications which are being run within the Wordpress installation. Generally, all Wordpress database tables come with the ‘wp’ prefix so that there are no conflicts. However this will not be the same if there are separate plug-ins and applications that are being installed. In case you are using a standalone version of an ecommerce application alone with your Wordpress platform, there will be conflicts if you don’t setup and define the second database correctly. Failure to set that up your ecommerce program will try and connect to the Wordpress database instead of its own which will then result in database errors in connection.

3.  Create a second database

If you don’t want to have database conflicts between your Wordpress installation and your ecommerce program then you will have to create a second database which will have a well defined database connection. This will work if you are using a standalone ecommerce programme and not a Wordpress plain.

When the second database is being run, the Wordpress WPDB in the template given by Wordpress has to be used so that the second database connection can be properly defined. Thus you can use the username and password of the new second database and create the code for a new database connection.

4.  Resolving the database conflicts

Usually most Wordpress plains use the currently present Wordpress database in place of making a second new database. This is usually what leads to most of the database conflicts and especially so when these plug-ins are using the same variables of have the database tables with the same name. The easiest way to solve this conflict between plug-ins is by disabling all the others when such errors happen. Then one by one, use elimination to determine which of the Wordpress plug-ins is having a conflict with your ecommerce platform. You can either completely delete the plug-in or you can change it with a similar one which doesn’t. If the errors still continue then you will have to delete some tables and maybe even re-install the ecommerce program.


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