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Datical DMC expands DevOps to the database, simplifying application release process so users can automatically track, audit, and resolve database deployment issues.

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It was great talking to Pete Pickerill, co-founder and V.P. of Product Strategy, Robert Reeves, Co-founder and CTO, and Ben Geller, V.P. of Marketing at Datical about their new Deployment Monitoring Console (DMC) that automatically monitors the status of every database deployment across the enterprise.

Datical DMC provides visibility into the outcomes of all database deployments, detailing the scope of changes applied and pinpointing the causes of failures — a process that can typically take days or weeks to complete. All levels of the organization, from DBAs to application developers and QA to IT management, can easily audit the database, measure release velocity, and monitor deployments.

“One of the primary obstacles to accelerating release velocity is the lack of visibility into database status. Determining what was changed in an environment or the root cause of application deployment errors related to the database is like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” said Pete. “With Datical Deployment Monitoring Console, customers are able to immediately discover the information they need without spending hours or days investigating or troubleshooting.”

Datical DMC provides a single point of access to an organization’s database deployment activity. The data is presented in many different ways to meet the needs of the wide variety of roles that make up a modern IT organization. Datical DMC delivers relevant and accurate information to all stakeholders on demand whether they need to know what’s been deployed to a database, why a specific operation failed, or how quickly changes are moving through the release cycle.

The end result is faster-moving application development teams that spend less time in firefighting mode and more time innovating and building the next great set of applications and features to ensure revenue growth and increased customer acquisition.

Initial feedback from developers is that they love having a base level of visibility that gives them the ability to tell if their changes were made without having to ask someone.

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