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Introducing DataCore ONE – a holistic storage architecture.

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I had the opportunity to learn about DataCore as the first company on IT Press Tour #31. Dave Zabrowski, President, Gerardo A. Dada, Chief Marketing Officer, and Steven Hunt, Director of Product Management provided a historical overview of the company that is celebrating its 21st anniversary as pioneers of software-defined storage.

During our meeting, the management team reviewed the transitions the company has been through with a new leadership team, a new pricing model, more end-user customer focus, increased marketing focus, improved channel commitment, even better support, and renewed focus globally. The changes were made to address enterprise adoption of and preference for hybrid multi-cloud, microservices, containers, and SaaS business models.

They are now going to market with DataCore ONE – a unified storage architecture providing a single solution to provide support for the full range of client need from hot-high performance to cold-low cost, including primary storage, secondary storage, backup and recovery, and archive.

DataCore Insight Services is a single-view management plane which provides predictive operations, policy-based optimization, and AI-powered analytics. The DataCore Data Service Platform provides encryption, machine learning-driven auto-tiering, data protection, migration, and archival and replication capabilities. Customers can choose from monthly pay-as-you-go SaaS to single and multi-year enterprise contracts. Lastly, DataCore is also offering an HCI Appliance with the leading intelligence architecture paired with leading hardware

I asked, “What do you want developers to take away from this announcement?” Gerardo noted that developers are spending a lot of time thinking about containers today. The gaps are security and storage and that’s what DataCore is addressing by providing a single storage platform IT can rely on.

  • Continuous protection with encryption.
  • Consistent, high performance.
  • SDS provisions storage as needed and solve the problem by optimizing performance.
  • The system dynamically provisions necessary storage.
  • Plugins allow integration with DevOps tools.

DataCore ONE delivers a container-native storage solution into a complete architecture for the future.

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