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DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0 M1

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DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0 M1

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We have just released the first milestone of DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0. AccessPlatform provides Java persistence using JDO/JPA APIs to RDBMS, ODBMS (db4o, NeoDatis), Documents (Excel, OOXML, ODF, XML), Web-based (JSON, AmazonS3, GoogleStorage), Map-based (BigTable, Cassandra, HBase), as well as some other datastores (LDAP). It is fully compliant with JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO3, JPA1 and JPA2 specs. DataNucleus Access Platform is licensed under the flexible Apache 2 license.

Since this is a major release cycle, this milestone makes some major changes to the architecture and aims of AccessPlatform.

  • JDO API support split out into own datanucleus-api-jdo plugin
  • JPA API support repackaged into datanucleus-api-jpa plugin
  • REST API support repackaged into datanucleus-api-rest plugin
  • Prototype JSON API support provided in datanucleus-api-json plugin
  • SchemaTool has been rewritten to be available for use with all supported datastores. It is currently implemented for RDBMS, HBase, Excel and OOXML and others will follow soon.
  • Support for persistence to MongoDB is added
  • Initial DataFederation support is added, whereby a PMF/EMF has a primary datastore and several (optional) secondary datastores and the user can define to which of the datastores individual classes are persisted. More will follow in later milestones
  • NeoDatis : support for the latest version, and for unique indices.
  • HBase : major improvements to capabilities, now supporting relationships, (nested) embedded persistable objects, value generation, schema control, datastore identity, and versioning.
  • RDBMS : various fixes applied since the 2.2 release.
  • Other fixes and minor cleanups/improvements.
Documentation is available to view online or PDF. It is available to download.

Limited free support for Access Platform is provided by way of our forum. Commercial support and consulting is also provided.


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